Player features

iOS 8, 9 & 10 compatible with full support for retina iPhone displays!
Multifunction jog dial with variable speed acceleration for fast forward, rewind (scrubbing) or volume control!
Stream music from SoundCloud!
Feature rich media picker that supports multiple selections and index jumps!
Play,pause,back,next, fast forward and rewind (customizable from 1 to 10 seconds).
Shuffle and repeat toggles.
Album art effects.
7 color themes to choose from. You can also use the RGB sliders to create your own colors, or try the cool color changer!
Song information with album art.
Ability to lookup a songs video on YouTube.
Ability to lookup a songs lyrics from
Shake gesture support which triggers shuffle, previous or next song. Sensitivity settings are also supported.
Multiple button layouts.
Sleep timer.
Fitness Timer calculates calories burned based on weight, distance and activity!
Airplay support.
Air touch for Just The Music! Now you can trigger play, pause and next without even touching the screen! Wave your hand
over the screen to skip to the next song. To play and pause keep your hand near the screen for about a second.
Air Touch can also be triggered by "tapping" your body!
Motion FX for when your vehicle is on the move! Your current speed is shown and particles are based on vehicle velocity.
You can also set optional speed alerts, units of speed are kmph, mph, or knots!
Option to share what you are listening to via sms, email, Twitter or Facebook!
Backup, restore and mirror player settings via iCloud across multiple devices!
A unique and very easy to use interface and more!

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United States App Store sorrydoit wrote,

This is a cool app! I'm listening music from this app right now while I'm writing this review! Really great interface. Dare say I use this more than the actual muisc app. I love this app. It makes listening to music while I'm driving extremely simple.

United States App Store kishand09 wrote,

Great Interface
Love the interface of this app, it is very different from any other music player I have use....Great app!

United States App Store A77MiLos wrote,

Nice music player, I'm quite stunned by its pretty cool UI design, especially those fantastic animations. It even allow you to customize your own unique layouts! That's awesome, I highly recommend this app, it definitely worth the one dollar I've paid.

United States App Store Killa991 wrote,

Very nice app
So far one of the best music players on iTunes, it's that good, the interface is simple yet stunning, it also gives you a little boost in volume, with effects when playing.

United States App Store tovielligu wrote,

I spend a lot of time on the road with my iPhone for music, and it drives me crazy trying to skip a track when I'm driving. Your app is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you.

United States App Store masenrich wrote,

This app is very user friendly and easy to should have a try on it..

United States App Store kulbidac wrote,

This app has been a great addition to my phone. I use this app while driving since it's so easy to use with the large icons. Thanks for the excellent app!

United States App Store bangskuiy wrote,

I use this daily. It almost completely replaces the standard player in the iOS. This player is fully featured and has good function. All the surface area is used, not just the bottom and top of the screen. This is a good player.

United States App Store bassamhany wrote,

Amazing app
This music player is really awesome as it has great features and nice interface which make it really a great app

United States App Store dreadnok wrote,

Great idea
Cool interface, really simple and easy to access I'm too lazy to go jogging but my girlfriend says it makes things easier to work with her music while on the go so thumbs up

New Zealand App Store RedCanary5 wrote,

Great app for runners
Love this app! Am running lots and the big buttons mean I don't have to stop to change the music. Also using it on car dash to control music while driving - much easier to see use the buttons.

New Zealand App Store SexySasha@1 wrote,

Being a keen jogger it's great to find a practical app finally!! Definitely recommending this to my friends!!

Australian App Store Raasta wrote,

Awesome App
So easy to use, big buttons a bonus. best music player to date!!!

Australian App Store Mohammed Shiraz wrote,

Awesome App!
Amazing App. Highly recommend to anyone on the go. very easy to use interface. I go running everyday and to control the music is very well spent!

New Zealand App Store Ruinz2142 wrote,

Awesome App!!
Great for jogging or taking a hike. For those people with big hands and taking ages to hit the play button. Great app!

New Zealand App Store Handsum devil wrote,

Great app!!
The most help full app ever! A must have

New Zealand App Store PrivateMax17 wrote,

Great player
It's great to find a player with big clear buttons and cool color changes. Really easy to use.